On Tap

  • 5.8%

    A traditional Munich style Oktoberfest. This burnt orange ale is brewed with
    Munich malt for a toasty bread flavor. Prost!

  • 10.8%
    Steel Toe Moccasin
    Triple IPA

    Big bodied and aggressively bitter. This IPA is double dry-hopped with Mosaic, Cashmere, Amarillo, and Crystal hops.

  • 6.1%
    Happy Guy
    Dry-Hopped Pilsner

    Happy Guy is a light bodied, crisp, golden pilsner that is dry hopped with Michigan hops to create a bright lemon-citrus aroma. Happy Guy is low in bitterness, refreshing, and extremely crushable.

  • 6.3%
    White IPA

    While the “AM” can stand for “All-Michigan”, it more importantly stands for “Alex Mandarino” with the “415” symbolizing his date of birth. $1 of each pint sold will be donated to the Alex Mandarino Foundation to support the fight against neuroblastoma and other pediatric cancers.

  • 5.3%
    Oh My Guava
    Pink Guava Kolsch

    We take a classic German-style and pack it full of pink guava to provide a burst of fruity goodness on the nose while maintaining the crisp, clean finish of the traditionally light-bodied Kolsch.

  • 6.0%
    The Huntsman
    Semi-Dry Hard Apple Cider

    From our friends at Peat’s Original Cider, this tart apple cider never misses its target when it comes to crisp, semi-dry flavor. Made with local, Michigan apples. Naturally gluten-free.

  • 4.6%
    Costa Norte
    Mexican Lager

    Our premium lager brewed with a Baja influence.

    It’s crisp, refreshing, and tastes like summer in a glass.

  • 7.5%
    Hazy IPA

    This hazy IPA is brewed with El Dorado and a blend of classic “C” hops. Huge, bold, and aggressive amounts of metal.

  • 5.0%
    Anniversary Ale
    Golden Sour

    We’ve made it 3 years! What better way to celebrate than with a special beer! This golden sour has been aged for 1 year in red wine oak barrels.

  • 5.5%
    Wild Indigo Collab
    Simulated Spontaneous Raw Ale

    Lovers of sour beer rejoice! This collaboration ale with Wild Indigo Artisan Ales was barrel aged in red wine oak barrels for 6 months with wild yeast from Mainiacal Yeast Labs.

  • 5.0%
    Big Dog
    Scottish Lager

    Our premium lager brewed with a Scottish attitude. If you can’t drink with the Big Dog, stay on the porch!

  • 5.6%
    Weiss Guy

    This German wheat beer is light and refreshing and lends pleasant banana esters with a hint of clove. It is the perfect beer to enjoy the sun rays out on our patio.

  • 8.7%
    The Conjurer
    Belgian Golden Strong

    Named after Belgium’s Morgana the Conjurer, the Belgian Golden Strong has a bright golden hue, light body, and low bitterness. Like our mischievous fairy, this beer will deceive your pallet and mask its strength.

  • 5.0%
    Old Shuck

    This deep dark brew is an ode to Old Shuck, the ghostly demon dog that roamed the countryside in 16th century England. Big coffee aromas pairs perfectly with a late addition of earthy English hops, making this the perfect roasty ale to drink all year round.