On Tap

  • 12.0%
    Drake’s Drum
    English Barleywine

    Named after the snare drum used by Sir Francis Drake as he traveled the world, this English-style Barleywine is deceivingly easy-drinking at 12.6% ABV. Brandy-like fruit aromas and a complex malt character dominate the senses as a feeling of warmth persists the longer you sip on it.

  • 7.0%
    Sköll Chaser
    Norwegian Double Dry-Hopped IPA

    Sköll Chaser is a big bodied IPA that has hints of malt sweetness to balance out an aggressive hop bitterness. Five hops in the boil combined with a double dry-hop dose of Cashmere and Columbus hops provides a strong strawberry nose that morphs into a resinous grapefruit aroma

  • 8.2%
    Aster Bloom
    Strong Honey Ale

    Locally harvested honey is used to create delicate honey aromas that impart floral and earthy notes to the beer. Pit-fired sunchokes used in the Mash Tun add a subtle roasted and nutty flavor. Aster Bloom is finished off with a Norwegian yeast which creates a fantastic orange-like citrus aroma that blends nicely with the floral and earthy notes of the honey and leaves a clean canvas for the malt and sunchokes to shine through on the tongue. Check out our blog to learn more: http://northpierbrewing.com/live-station-collab-1/

  • 5.1%
    Hairy Jack
    Oatmeal Stout

    Hairy Jack is our 5.1% English-Style Oatmeal Stout. This malt-driven beer has baker’s chocolate on the nose with a touch of roastiness. Oats provide a smooth-textured mouthfeel while dark malts create a bittersweet finish.

  • 7.8%
    Magnum Dragon
    Hoppy Belgian Golden Strong

    Magnum Dragon amps up the hop profile on this classic style. A hint of yeast-driven spice is balanced by the citrusy American Hops and a floral bouquet of the European Hops. This beer is named after the choreographed combat between St. George and the Dragon that is reenacted during the Ducasse de Mons festival.

  • 6.7%
    Belgian IPA

    This hop-forward Belgian/American hybrid is a burnt orange brew with high bitterness. American hops give off huge peach aromas and are backed by the fruity, apricot character of the Belgian yeast. This devilish blend is named after the Buckriders of Northern Belgium, a gang of ghosts that soar through the sky on the backs of flying goats.


  • 8.7%
    The Conjurer
    Belgian Golden Strong

    Named after Belgium’s Morgana the Conjurer, the Belgian Golden Strong has a bright golden hue, light body, and low bitterness. Like our mischievous fairy, this beer will deceive your pallet and mask its strength.

  • 5.2%

    A malt forward backbone balanced nicely by the light bitterness and flavors of German noble hops, makes this ale extremely drinkable.. The Cartwheeler, like this lager-esque ale, originates from Dusseldorf, Germany. As legend tells it, the citizens of Dusseldorf broke out in cartwheels after the defeat of the Archbishop of Cologne in the Battle of Worringen in 1288.

  • 5.0%

    This spiced wheat beer is a tribute to Freya, the fairy queen of love. The wonderful marriage of wheat and our special spice blend results in a beer with a hazy straw color, medium body, large mouthfeel, and hints of chamomile.

  • 5.0%
    Old Shuck

    This deep dark brew is an ode to Old Shuck, the ghostly demon dog that roamed the countryside in 16th century England. Big coffee aromas pairs perfectly with a late addition of earthy English hops, making this the perfect roasty ale to drink all year round.

  • 6.6%
    Wandering Walloon

    This thirst quenching drink is traditionally brewed on farms near the Belgium border. Its light body, low bitterness and dry finish make it the perfect way to end a day under the hot sun. It’s the drink of choice for any Wandering Walloon.