North Pier Brewing Co.
“It’s going to be legen — wait for it — dary!”

“It’s going to be legen — wait for it — dary!”

“It’s going to be legen — wait for it — dary!”

“It’s going to be legen — wait for it — dary!”

– Barney Stinson

Our Legends Club memberships are now available! The details are as follows:

For those interested in an Ambassador membership, here are some additional details on the extra goodies:

First of all, what the heck is a uKeg? Well, a uKeg is a durable, double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel growler that keeps beer cold and fresh. It has a CO2 regulator cap with a customizable tap handle and gauge. Essentially, it’s draft beer on the go. Here’s a quick video on how it works:

The Belgian beer glass that you will take home is the 16oz version we keep in the taproom for all of our Legends Club members. It has a gold logo and gold rim…we like to keep it classy at North Pier:


Our Ambassador members-only T-shirt will be a unique design that won’t be for sale anywhere else. Details are still being finalized, but here’s a sneak peek:


Lastly, for each of our Ambassador members, we will have a personalized plaque with your name on it in the taproom. That way you can show all of your friends when you bring them by.

If you’re interested in becoming a Legends Club Member or Ambassador, please email the following information to

– Name

– Preferred Email Address

– Phone Number

– Member or Ambassador Preference

We’ll then add you to the list and when you come in for the first time you can pay and we’ll get you your membership cards and any take home benefits.

We hope to see you all at the end of May!


– Jay